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About Us

When I started Spiritual Gifts Catering, my main goal and purpose was to share what God had blessed me with the world and in return give it back to God. That means I am to honor him with this business by blessing others and sharing my testimony for his glory. Being a single mother of 2 boys had its struggles. There were many obsticles I had to overcome and once God blessed me to create this business, I wanted to let anyone who would listen know that anything is possible with Christ. So, I began to work.

One year later I met my husband, Aaron in a grocery store. I didn't know he would be my husband at the time, but in 2017 we got married and he moved to the U.S. from Jamaica. This did not happen without issues though... At that time our U.S. president was Donald Trump and he was not meek or humble about his views on immigrants coming to America. The process of getting my husband here from Jamaica, which should have only taken about a year and a half, took almost four years. With the economy not being the greatest, it was very hard on my sons and I to go months, even a full year in 2019, without seeing him. It felt like I was a military spouse but my husband wasn't being kept from us because of a noble cause, it was just because he wasn't American. However God, being faithful as always, brought us through that too.

Fast forward to the end of 2020, Covid hit and everything I had established with my business I lost due to being shut down. I had to start all over again with no money, no clients, no business venue. One good thing we had was the fact that Aaron was finally here with us permanently and that is when I learned how to prepare Jamaican food. Then what was known as Spiritual Gifts Catering, became Spiritual Gifts & Good Vibes; Jamaican Flava with American Soul. This described not only what I love to do, but the combining of our heritages into one.


My mission aligns directly with my purpose. I strive to reach people by sharing my gifts and testimony. I plan to do this in a number of ways including begining a non-profit company. We already feed the hungry when possible, but we have also been developing a community; a support group focusing on health of the mind, body & spirit of a person. We want to not only have a positive impact on the people we serve, but overall help to improve their way of life if possible. Even if it is just encouraging them to never give up.

My God-sister, Shanika Ell (Physical Trainer/ Mental Health Specialist), and I have come together to establish this community and it is called Power of the Mind Body & Spirit; which includes myself, Shanika  and a group of other talented individuals all coming together for the greater good of spreading the "Love thy neighbor" mentality and awareness that kindness can go a long way.


In the future, we see ourselves achieving the goals we have set for Spiritual Gifts & Good Vibes. These include getting items on the market in grocery stores, having a food truck for profit and non-profit service, conducting wholesale business with other companies, maybe even investing in a party bus for events, but none of these goals get achieved without the help, support & kindness of others... So in that respect, Our mission comes first, God gets the glory and everything else after that is considered examples of his mercy, blessings & unmerited favor. 

We want to extend our thanks for allowing us to serve you and we pray that our gifts from God continue to be gifts to you.

Peace & Blessings, 

-Spiritual Gifts & Good Vibes Staff

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