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Our Story

Welcome to Spiritual Gifts & Good Vibes: Jamaican Flava with American Soul. Hello and Wah Gwaan to my Jamaican family! My name is Reina Davis-Blake or otherwise known as "Chef Rae". My Husband and I specialize in Jamaican & American Soul Food cuisine. I've been in the culinary industry for over 20 years and still love it to this day.

My career started back in 2003 studying under 3 executive chefs in Busch Stadium's Well Bread Sports Services. I always knew I'd love cooking, but catering is where I found that I could be the most creative with my craft. So 3 years and a son later, the idea of "Spiritual Gifts Catering" was born. I was a single mother in college, studying business and decided it was time I started to work on my culinary degree at Forest Park Community College. It wasn't easy, and certainly not cheap, so I began selling plates and catering for friends and family from my home to pay for my culinary degree, one class at a time. I had to stop going to school everytime I got pregnant, and what little Pell Grant I had left available had ran out because the government said I took to many classes trying to pursue my business degree first, so I worked very hard and after an addition of another son in 2007, I was able to officially open my catering business in 2015. I then had to took a brake from pursuing my culinary degree again to develop my business model I could earn more money and gain more clientel. 

The next year I met the love of my life, Aaron Blake.












 Well, it I wish it were that simple...

We finished that conversation about the price of chicken, then talked about cooking, then, life, relationships, expectations and 10 months later became husband and wife. It was then that my little family of 3 bloomed into 10. We became a modern-day "Brady Bunch", 6 boys & 2 girls, only between 2 countries. He was not living in the U.S. yet though, so he came back and forth from Jamaica to America year after year, sometimes we wouldn't see each other for months up to a year. It was very difficult not being together and we were married. It was almost like he was stationed away for duty, only he had never signed up for the military; all because he happened to be born in another country. Three years and 9 months after we met, in 2019 Aaron got his Green Card. That was one of the hardest fought, up hill battles we had ever faced because he couldn't work in the U.S. until he gained permanent residence. Yet, by the grace of God, we percivered. All of this happening while taking care of the kids, home and abroad, switching schools and still piecing my culinary degree together one class at a time. Finally in December of 2020, one of the most challenging years the culinary industry has ever faced, I received my culinary diploma from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. 

I know I just gave you all about 1/3 of my life, but I'm saying all this to say that dreams can and will come true if you have just a little hope & faith. We are now commercial vendors selling our food in commercial venues, online, in pop-up shops and in festivals. You can't tell me what God can't do!!!

We love to cook and we love to spread this love to anyone who is willing accept and embrace it. Take a look at our options, try us out and let us share our love with you. 

"Big Up Yuself" and thanks for your time and consideration. We look forward to "fillin ya bellies"!  Take care and God be with you.

"Wah Gwan Family!"

Welcome to our home. I'm Reina Davis-Blake & this handsome man next to me is my loving husband Aaron. We met in 2016 at a grocery store where he started a conversation with me about how much more expensive chicken is in Jamaica than it is in the United States... What a pick up line, right?" But it worked, Lol... We've been vibin' & cookin' ever since...

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