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Meal Prep


We like to think of Spiritual Gifts & Good Vibes as the definition of delicious! We are always focused on bringing good food vibes to the St. Louis area, and it’s something we hope to be doing for years to come. Along with offering high-quality, delicious food. We are a full-service Prepared Meals Store that has become an important part of the local community. Take a look at our catalog below and try us out!


Eating healthy can be a challenge, especially when dealing with busy schedules or a lack of inspiration in the kitchen. Our personal chef services are perfect for anyone looking for a convenient and nutritious option for meal planning. We use only the freshest ingredients, expertly prepared to deliver delicious flavors and satisfying portions. Whether you require special dietary needs or are simply looking for a convenient way to stay on track with healthy eating, we have something for everyone.

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